Saturday, February 19, 2011

flowers for centerpieces

real flowers for bouquets from costco but fake flowers for center pieces. gonna go with martha stewart's website instruction (bitch does know her stuff)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

escort cards part 2

it would be terribly cute if i attach the table number to the center piece either on the vase or flower BUT what if... what if the card stock is in shape of a dog? like beagle, chihuahua, moose, chocolate lab, etc. YES!

also, use a fabric to cover up the vases like a white lace doily type... possible idea.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

grooms cake idea

my fiance doesnt really like cake so I figured we'd do something different for his cake like cheesecake balls or even a brownie cake!... or both? I did love this cake (from ultimate cheesecake bakery called "chocolate sin"... best cake ive ever had) that my friend Miyah brought to a dinner party once, maybe something like that!

guest book for photo booth

.... I'm just gonna put a whole bunch of pictures up here to show my inspiration for whatever I decide to do. :-D

escort cards

i need to figure out how to set up the seating chart with escort cards and the names on the table. i do know i want this!!!

I just need to figure out how to organize them so guests can figure out where to go and where to sit.... and i'm contemplating getting a big heart punch to make it easier to do the escort cards... should i attach to a straw and put in a vase?

this is terribly cute too...

i would probably make the grass out of paper though.

this is a really cute idea too.

i could easily create my own chalkboard poster with an easel (or just a foam posterboard) and chalk board paint.

so many ideas!!!

but this, THIS, is the best idea ever! i just dont know if i have the budget or time to do this one!

"Jennifer & James: A Winter Wedding at the Zoo in Chicago, IL

The first thing guests saw when they arrived at the venue was the DIY escort card display Jen had made. She cut a poster of the 1930s Chicago skyline into rectangles and added guests’ names in small print beneath each section. She mounted an identical poster beneath it so that the image would remain visible when guests took their cards. Jen and Jim framed the intact poster after the wedding to hang in their house."

I heart this one tooo!!!